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Energy efficiency

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Summer is in full swing and with the record-breaking heat waves we have been experiencing in Eastern Oregon, your air conditioning unit is already working very hard to keep you cool. When it comes to energy efficiency in the home, sometimes small changes can make a big impact.

Reducing household energy use doesn’t mean doing without. It just means being a little more clever about how you manage the energy you do use and to make sure the power is available when you need it.

A small, unglamorous task like changing the filters on your HVAC system makes your unit run more efficiently – keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also saves money. And the savings gained from having your system run more efficiently can be applied to more fun or entertaining pursuits that your family can enjoy together.

Visit the State of Oregon's webpage to learn more about how to earn tax credits for energy efficiency:

Energy Tip of the Month

Summer is right around the corner! Have you changed your home’s air filter? Filters get loaded with more and more particles as they do their job. This actually has the effect of making them more efficient, but it also increases resistance and reduces airflow. Remember to check filters once a month.

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