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The future is bright for Eastern Oregon. We recognize our cooperative is only as strong as the communities it serves, and that is why we believe there is a more economic opportunity for our region now than ever before.

Eastern Oregon is a unique and diverse region where prosperity is measured not only in economic terms but in the quality of life each resident enjoys. Tucked into a region of natural beauty, Eastern Oregon boasts scenic vistas that rival anywhere in the world. The Elkhorn and Blue mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to a place that offers unmatched quality of life. That quality of life is important because it is leveraged to help boost local economies in places like La Grande or Burns or John Day and Baker City.

Each community in Eastern Oregon showcases vibrant main streets that furnish opportunities for people who want to live and work and, at the same time, enjoy a hometown experience where they can talk and laugh with their neighbor daily. It’s the best of country living, clean air, wide open spaces and a large city close enough to take advantage of the amenities.

In terms of geography, the region is blessed because it sits at a crossroads of economic opportunity. Interstate 84—a main, national east-west transit route—slices through the region. Union Pacific, the largest railroad shipping firm in the nation, carries millions of dollars of commerce through places like Baker City and La Grande on a weekly basis. Eastern Oregon also sits in the center of an economic nexus between Boise, Idaho, Portland and Spokane, Washington—all major commerce hubs.

As a region, we are learning how to combine a culture of hard work and determination with a 21st Century economy. We strive to be more efficient with water, develop innovate methods to thin forests, while, at the same time, safeguarding their value for future generations.  Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is a key player in economic development across the region. Efficient, low-cost and reliable power are the essential building blocks to any new economic development and we have become a critical partner in development over the past 20 years.

Our region also boasts Oregon’s only rural college—Eastern Oregon University—and is served by first-class medical facilities and school districts in all four of OTEC’s territory. Health care and education are economic enhancers that create a foundation for growth.

We understand that Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative is only as strong as the communities it serves. That is why we feel confident the future for us—and our region—is a bright one. We are a place where towns and communities invest in the future, carefully manage finances and create a quality of life that can attract businesses.

There are exciting trends occurring now in our region and we are proud that Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative will be part of a future that will be prosperous.