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Join the Fight for Affordable Rates!

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative belongs to a statewide association called ORECA (Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association).  Its role, on behalf of Oregon cooperatives, is to lobby lawmakers and state officials for legislation that supports our mission against mandates that jeopardize cooperative values.  OTEC will be actively involved working with other Oregon electric cooperatives through ORECA to remind lawmakers about the importance of affordable and reliable electricity. We can’t do this alone!

As an ORECA-Action member, you are provided with background material on electric utility issues and newsletters on important state and federal legislation. From time to time, you might be asked to contact your elected officials about a particular piece of legislation that is being considered. You are never under any obligation to do so and can cancel your participation at anytime.

Elected officials need and want to hear from our members – the voters. The more people they hear from, the more lawmakers pay attention to what Oregon electric cooperatives are saying.

Sign up for the ORECA-Action Network at and click on the REGISTER link.

Or feel free to call OTEC at 541-523-3616.  We can answer any questions you may have and complete the enrollment process on your behalf.