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Commercial Programs

Enjoy the rewards of energy efficiency.

Commercial Lighting

OTEC officers rebates to commercial businesses to change their existing lighting to more energy efficient lighting. Rebates are based on the number of fixtures and the type of lamps used. We also offer incentives for new construction LED lighting.

Commercial Windows

This incentive is for commercial buildings that meet the criteria for the window rebate includes the new windows meet minimum requirements and the building be heated with permanently installed electric heat. Please click on the forms and resource link below for the packet to complete.

Commercial HVAC

OTEC offers incentives for new HVAC system, upgraded systems, connected thermostats. Use the contact link below

Commercial Appliances

If you are interested in receiving a rebate for one of the below appliances, please click on our Forms link at the bottom of the page to fill out an application.

  • Energy Star clothes washer
  • Energy Star clothes dryers
  • Energy Star dishwashers
  • Energy Star refrigerators
  • Energy Star freezers
  • Electric stoves, ranges, ovens
  • Electric water heaters (heat pump water heaters fall under a different category, please contact OTEC for more information)

Commercial Custom Projects

OTEC offers incentives for other projects that will save energy that is documentable through a measure and verification process.

Contact your local OTEC office by clicking here and selecting "Conservation Rebates" on the contact us page.