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By joining Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative, you have become part owner in one of Oregon's largest nonprofit electric utilities. As an owner you enjoy certain rights.

Open Membership

Any person or business within our service area is eligible to become a member upon application and payment of the membership fee of $.01.

Democratic Control

One Member = One Vote. Your Cooperative is governed by nine Board members. These Board members are elected by the membership. The Board establishes policies which guide the Cooperative and make decisions to insure that your Cooperative will remain financially sound. The Board members also appoint a General Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of your Cooperative.

Return of Margins/Capital Credits

Margins are returned in proportion to each member's patronage. One hundred percent of the funds remaining at the end of each year are assigned to each member's Capital Credits account. Provided the financial health of the Cooperative allows, your Board members authorize a refund of a portion of these credits to each member. Active members receive credit on their December energy statement or are sent a refund check. Inactive members are sent refund checks. To date your Cooperative has returned over $19 million to its member-owners, as of the end of 2010. 

Participation in Annual Meetings

Each year a meeting of the membership is held. Members may come and meet their Board members, discuss business, and hear reports on the condition and direction of your business. It is our goal to provide each member of this Cooperative the best possible service at the lowest cost. If you have any suggestions or if we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call.

Application for Membership

The applicant hereby applies for membership with Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative (OTEC), and in consideration of the acceptance of the application agrees with OTEC as follows:

  1. The applicant shall pay a membership fee of $0.01 that will be included as part of the first connect fee. (A membership fee is required by Oregon statutes.)
  2. The applicant shall have all rights and privileges granted to members under the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of OTEC as they may be amended from time to time, and will comply with and be bound by such Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and all the rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be adopted by the board of directors of OTEC.
  3. The applicant, by becoming a member, shall not be individually liable or responsible for any debts or liabilities of OTEC.
  4. The applicant will purchase electrical power from OTEC under lawfully established terms, rates, and conditions.
  5. All service lines supplying the applicant with electric energy and all switches, meters, and other appliances and equipment constructed or installed by OTEC on the applicant's property shall, at all times, be the sole property of OTEC.
  6. OTEC shall use reasonable diligence to provide a constant and uninterrupted supply of electrical power and energy. OTEC shall not be liable if such supply fails or is interrupted, or becomes defective through an act of God, strikes, or labor troubles, or by action beyond the reasonable control of OTEC.
  7. The applicant hereby grants to OTEC, for the sole purpose of furnishing electric service to the applicant, the right and easement, at no cost to OTEC, to construct, maintain, and remove its electric lines and equipment. In order to comply with local, state, and federal safety requirements it may be necessary to cut or trim trees, shrubs, or other natural growth to keep them clear of all parts of OTEC's electric system including dead, weak, or leaning trees that are tall enough to strike wires if they should fall.
  8. The applicant further grants to OTEC the right to extend distribution lines within existing easements from facilities on applicant's lands to other consumers.
  9. OTEC shall have no responsibility to inspect the wiring on the applicant's premises or to determine if such wiring is safe. The applicant shall be responsible for assuring safe premises wiring and for providing protective equipment that will protection against unusual line conditions such as single phasing and reversal of phases. All motors of 10 horsepower or greater shall be fitted with suitable secondary capacitors by applicant.

New members

To apply for new service, please download and fill out the form below.