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Success stories told from our clients.

Thank you to all of the OTEC workers and staff for all the hard work done everyday in keeping our electricity running in our beautiful community. It is greatly appreciated.

~ Janice

La Grande, OR

Thank you for the excellent service after the big storm. Lightening hit our power pole and knocked out power. I called your office around 7 a.m. and got a real person, friendly and efficient. OTEC crews were on the scene a couple of hours later and by lunchtime we had a new pole and electricity. All very good.

~ Jo and Dave

La Grande, OR

Good work OTEC, for everything you've done during the wildfires: keeping the lights on, turning power on and off as needed for firefighters and fire victims, and everything else you've had to do during a very challenging fire season.

~ Jean Granger

Let's pleas don't forget to thank the OTEC crew's and contractor's for what they do. This is a very dangerous job, but every time you drive by them they are all working. So way to go guy's and gal's. Thank's all year around.

~ Kith Schatz

I wanna share this to honor and thank the amazing, and brave men and women who are working tirelessly day and night during this fire to restore power to all those who suffered outages during this…it's a dangerous job and they do it well, thank you OTEC God bless and watch over all of you as well!

~ Derrik Rider

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to the OTEC crews of the Burns, John Day, Baker City and La Grande districts for their heroic endeavors in handling the challenges brought about by the tragic fires in this region. Their knowledge, skills and dedication to preserving our resources is greatly appreciated. I also want to thank Werner Buehler, CEO of OTEC, Ned Ratterman, Lara Petitclerc-Stokes, and Pat McCluskey and their respective staff for their tireless dedication and organization of responses to meet this need. To the citizens of the affected burn areas who have lost homes and property, please accept my heartfelt condolences for your losses. 

~ Bob Cargill, OTEC Board Member

Burns District

When a power pole was hit in our driveway, snapping it off, all power lines fell into the yard of myself and my neighbor. OTEC was alerted and came very promptly, even though it was a Sunday night and nearly dark. They worked quickly and efficiently. They lifted the pole, which raised the power lines, and secured it for the night so that my neighbor and I did not have to go without power. In the morning, they returned and began to work. The entire crews work was diligent, efficient and all kept busy until the job was completed. The site was left in great condition. I do not know the names of the crew members. But, I hope you will praise them and thank each one for a job well done.

~ Scharel

La Grande, OR

Thank you for your support in our community. It is businesses like yours that make our community a great place to live. 

~ Jason

Baker City, OR

Thank you so much for your help today with the check and bank business. You went above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated! 

~ Lisa

La Grande, OR

Thank you so much for working on the light project for us. It is always a pleasure to see and work with you!

~ Robin

La Grande, OR